Award encourages ethics in competition between companies



The IBRAC – ETCO Prize for Monographs in Defense of Ethics in Competition was launched on September 23 at the Ministry of Justice in Brasília. It includes the best academic works in the area of ​​Economic Law. Promoted by IBRAC-Brazilian Institute of Competition, Consumption and International Trade Studies, with the sponsorship of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics – ETCO and the support of the Ministry of Justice, the award was divided into two categories ? Professional (graduate students in the broad sense and university-educated professionals); and Undergraduate (university students).

In order to encourage research in the field of competition law, the idea of ​​the Award was to increase the degree of awareness about the harmful aspects of illegal trade practices and to bring to the center of major national debates the problem of the informal market, responsible for a annual loss of more than 160 billion reais to the public coffers.
The prizes for the winners in the Professional category were distributed as follows: for the first place twelve thousand reais, the second place, seven thousand reais and the third place, four thousand reais. In the Graduation category, the first receives six thousand reais, the second three thousand reais and the third, fifteen hundred reais.
Will the Ibrac - ETCO Award ceremony take place on May 19, at 16 pm, at the Plenary of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense? CADE, in Brasilia.



Luiza Saito Sampaio - The control of horizontal collusion in the fuel market

Leandro Alexi Franco - The operational limits of law and legal regulation by incentives to reduce unfair competition

Arilson Coelho de Carvalho - The negative impact of piracy on the market scenario and the difficulties in combating counterfeiting


Damiela Diniz Tavares - The reduction of costs resulting from informality in the Brazilian economy and the practice of predatory prices

Rodrigo Octavio de Godoy Bueno Caldas Mesquita - Economic order and intellectual property

Rodrigo Holtermann Lagreca - Role of government action in consumer and competitive relations: who protects ethics? A view from the presence of the illegal market in the cigarette industry


ETCO? Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics

ETCO is a non-profit organization that brings together business and non-governmental entities, with the aim of promoting a competitive, ethical and tax-exempt market with society and the constituted powers. The mission is to raise awareness, mobilize and contribute to Brazilian society to eliminate unfair competition practices, developing, stimulating and disseminating effective actions against tax evasion, counterfeiting and smuggling.

IBRAC - The Brazilian Institute for Studies on Competition, Consumption and International Trade

IBRAC is a non-profit Civil Association and aims to promote research, studies and debates with the purpose of assisting the implantation and development in the country of a free competition regime within a policy of economy of market, by perfecting the necessary legal mechanisms.