Bill wants to characterize the persistent tax debtor


By: Valentina Trevor (Portal Jota)

The regulation of art. 146-A - complementary law that characterizes stubborn debtors Federal Constitution - expected since 2003, is close to being realized. Last month, Senator Ana Amélia (PP / RS) presented Senate Bill No. 284/2017. The bill establishes special taxation criteria, with the objective of preventing competition imbalances, without prejudice to the Union's competence, by law, to establish norms with the same objective.

It is not the first attempt to regulate the article, but, for Edson Vismona, Executive President of ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition, “now the proposal is part of a coordinated effort between the State and the private sector to serve the interests of society”, which can contribute to the rapid processing.

Senator Ana Amélia, author of PLS, points out that “the objective is to avoid fraud, tax evasion and adulteration of fuels. The project aims to contribute to preventing unfair and predatory competition ”.

For her, the practice of the frequent debtor, especially in highly taxed sectors, such as beverages, cigarettes and fuels is extremely harmful to the purse and competition. For the senator, "who pays dearly with these serious irregularities is the consumer, the environment and the revenue, due to tax evasion".

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Source: Portal Jota (04/09)