Tomorrow destroys more than half a million pirated CDs


The IRS is closing in on pirated products. Tomorrow (Friday), at 16 pm, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), the greatest destruction of CDs will take place in 2004, in the triple border region. 563 thousand pirated CDs and 250 thousand packs of cigarettes will be destroyed.

The operation will be led by the Secretary of Revenue, Jorge Rachid, who will announce the result of actions to combat the smuggling of goods in 2004, on the border with Paraguay.

On Wednesday, in Porto Alegre, goods seized in Rio Grande do Sul were destroyed, valued at R $ 3 million. Among the objects were slot machines, glasses, watches, bags, pens, CDs and toy guns.

The goods were seized by irregular importation. In the case of slot machines, the apprehension has been carried out since 1999, when the IRS issued normative instructions prohibiting the import of such equipment.

FEDERAL REVENUE SECRETARIAT - Press release no.133 - 02/09/2004