Revenue will extend use of electronic process to the entire country


Source: Federal Revenue of Brazil, Communication Advisory (Ascom), 02/06/2008

(System eliminates the use of paper in processes for taxpayers who have a digital certificate)

The Federal Revenue Service of Brazil - RFB will extend next July to 21 of its units in the states, mainly in the capitals, its e-Process system. This Electronic Process system eliminates the use of paper in procedural acts practiced in the administrative sphere, in petitions, delivery of documents and presentation of consultations.

According to the Assistant Secretary of the Federal Revenue, Carlos Alberto Barreto, “the system allows tax entry, taxpayers' resources, the judgment of processes at the administrative level and the final collection of the tax credit, without the need to print a single sheet of paper".

The e-Process today represents 90% of the new processes generated in the States of Bahia and Sergipe, where it was implemented in 2005 as a pilot project.

For Barreto “this system was born and developed in the wake of new technologies at the disposal of modern society, and already recommends identical solutions to facilitate the interaction of taxpayers with the Federal Revenue, which will be e-Consulta. He says that "with this electronic tool, taxpayers will be able to consult on tax legislation and obtain the solution of their consultation in an efficient and safe manner, bringing greater legal security in the tax-taxpayer relationship".

The digital signature allows the taxpayer to send procedural documents and scanned documents to compose the e-Process or e-Consulta, through the Virtual Taxpayer Service Center (e-CAC), at the>.

The taxpayer is also informed of the procedural acts by electronic means through his electronic PO Box available at e-CAC. The taxpayer, individual or legal entity, holder of an e-CPF or e-CNPJ Digital Certificate, respectively, or any other digital certificate issued by a Certification Authority accredited by ICP-Brasil, may use this means.

The implementation of the e-Process is advancing to enable taxpayers and professionals in the area numerous advantages, as they will be able to follow the process and practice procedural acts at a distance - from their headquarters, office or residence - through the world wide web. .

The System represents economy, agility, security and transparency, due to the diffusion of the e-Process within the scope of the Federal Revenue, concludes Carlos Alberto Barreto.