Federal Revenue of Brazil and SP Finance Secretariat extend technical cooperation agreement


Author: Communication Advisory (Ascom)

Source: Federal Revenue of Brazil, 04/06/2008

The Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil and the Secretariat of Finance of the State of São Paulo signed on 30/05 the extension of the technical cooperation agreement, which allows the exchange of information.

With the renewal of the agreement, the federal and state tax authorities can continue to carry out joint actions of inspection and collection of taxes they administer. One of the objectives of the extension is to continue the partnership work in combating tax evasion.

Under the agreement, the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil provides the São Paulo State Finance Secretariat with information about São Paulo taxpayers, of interest to the state tax authorities and vice versa. The agreement was extended for 60 months.

In order to ensure that the taxpayers' personal information is not breached, the agreement provides that the information provided by both parties must be restricted to those indispensable to the inspection or collection action of the two tax authorities.

In addition, the agency requesting the information must substantiate the need for the requested data and cannot, after receiving it, transfer it to third parties under any justification.