Informality network imposes losses of up to R $ 160 billion per year on the country


Source: Jornal Nacional (Globo), 28/10/2004

“When I shop, I don't ask for the invoice”, admits a woman. The consumer who does not ask for an invoice is the last link in the informality chain. The product that he buys in the informal market can only be sold without registration and those who make this product are also informally hired workers.

High tax burden, bureaucracy, slow judiciary and lack of punishment are fertile ground for informality. Companies that do not pay taxes, falsify brands and slow the country's growth. It is that unfair competition prevents investments and, with them, the chance of new jobs.

“If Brazil decreased informality by 20 percentage points in ten years, we would have an increase in income per capita of 1,5% per year, without interruption. This is the great turning point that this country can take ”, says ETCO's executive president, Emerson Kapaz.

To break this chain of illegality, everyone has to collaborate. Receptionist Simone Teodoro da Silva has already started to do her part. “You have to be supervising, it is important. It is an invoice, it is not just any paper ”, she believes.