Sefaz and ANP inspect gas stations in Teresina


Source: LegisCenter, 17/07/2007

The State Department of Finance (Sefaz), in partnership with the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), carried out, on the morning of Friday (13), another inspection operation at gas stations in Teresina. Since Tuesday (10), six posts have already received the inspection team, which is composed of technicians and fiscal auditors from Sefaz and technicians from the ANP. The purpose of the operation is to monitor the quality of fuels, which is directly reflected in the collection of ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services). Fuel adulteration represents a crime of tax evasion and causes damage to the final consumer.

During the inspection, the flow rates of the measuring equipment were checked, the records of the establishments were checked, as well as the amount of fuel in the tanks analyzed, in order to verify whether the storage was compatible with the fiscal documentation. The team also carried out a survey of the establishment's registration documentation. According to ANP's oil specialist, Luiz Teixeira, if the inspected post presents any alteration in the commercialized product, a sample of the material is collected and sent for laboratory analysis at the Federal University of Piauí (Ufpi). Upon confirmation of adulteration of the fuel, the gas station may be banned, in addition to having to pay a fine that has a minimum value of R$ 5.

Luiz Teixeira explains that fuels may not comply with compliance, especially when they do not meet the quality specifications imposed by law. “Gasoline, for example, needs to have a percentage of up to a maximum of 25% alcohol; in case of counterfeiting, this percentage appears modified”, said Teixeira.

The expert also points out that this type of action is of fundamental importance as it helps society to closely monitor the quality of the fuel it consumes. “Operations like this show the population that they may be being harmed by paying for something they don't consume. This partnership with the Treasury Department only enhances the exchange of information and enhances the inspection and quality of the fuel consumed,” said the ANP technician.

Consumers who feel aggrieved have the right to ask for verification of the quantity and quality of fuel within the gas station itself: “It is something that few people are aware of, but all of us, as consumers, can request these tests”, complete Teixeira. In addition, the Secretariat of Finance and the National Petroleum Agency provide information and receive complaints through the telephone numbers 0800-2805522 and 0800-9700267.