Legal certainty is essential to attract investment

In an interview with Valor Econômico newspaper, ETCO's Executive President, Edson Vismona,
talks about competitive ethics and the importance of ethical principles that promote fair competition

by: Gleise de Castro

vismona-photo-valueFor Edson Luiz Vismona, who assumed in October the executive presidency of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition
(ETCO), investigations into the conduct of companies on various fronts, such as the Lava Jato and Zelotes operations of
Federal Police, lead to a clearance of the market. What is being questioned are old practices, until recently
previously accepted as natural, but affecting the economy, compromise the attraction of investments and competitiveness
the country.
Lawyer specialized in commercial defense and consumer law, Vismona states in this interview with Valor that
believes that consolidated ethical principles increase the country's legal certainty and credibility. In the area of
fuels, points out as perverse the practice of persistent tax evasion, an illegal and predatory way to obtain easy profit,
which affects the sector's competitiveness, generating a tax loss of R $ 2 billion annually.

Source: Valor Econômico, November 16, special edition Competitive ethics

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