Has everything but gasoline


Author: Téo Mascarenhas

Source: Mail Braziliense

From the State of Minas 

Despite consuming less, fuel has a considerable weight on a motorcycle's maintenance budget. Hence the preference of some for the search for the lowest price at the pump. However, when “alms are too much, the saint is suspicious”, indicating that, to obtain that price, the fuel may be baptized, or adulterated. But how to know? What symptoms does the engine have? What are the consequences? How to avoid? What steps to take and who to complain to? The National Petroleum Agency (ANP), which was created by the government to inspect, control and regulate, among other things, the distribution and sale of fuels at gas stations, has the answers.
 The ANP also conducts a permanent survey by city, of the prices charged for each post, including its flag. The survey can be accessed at www.anp.gov.br. The agency also has a booklet, with the main doubts of consumers, in addition to guidance on legal procedures, in case of damage caused by fuel baptized, or adulterated, with excess solvent, water or alcohol. However, the best way to prevent it is to avoid, whenever possible, suspicious stations, and stay connected to the slightest sign of engine malfunction. 

How to prevent it? According to the ANP, good fuel has a standard quality, defined by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). The consumer, in case of doubt, may require the test of the beaker (which is a consumer right), which attests to the quality of the product, in addition to the invoice. If there is resistance from the post, a good sign is not. In case of doubt, the ANP maintains a central, activated by 0800 970-0267. If the adulteration is confirmed, the post can be closed and fined and the consumer can have the eventual damages reimbursed, provided they have all the receipts. 

Motorcycles with electronic injection can better swallow adulterated gasoline, momentarily masking the problem, since the ECU adapts the engine to the new standards of the mixture. But everything has a limit. If overtaken, the engine hits the pin, has faults, idling is irregular and starting is difficult. Power and performance decrease, as does acceleration. In such cases, immediately replace the fuel in the tank. 

The engine heats up more, reducing the durability of moving parts, consumes more and also pollutes more. Fuel baptized with solvent causes the formation of sludge in the oil, which melts the engine and melts the rubber hoses of the fuel line, clogging the carburetor. It also causes greater carbonization of the piston head and valves, inefficiency of the spark plug and formation of deposits inside the tank, which can cause the engine to collapse. So, only refuel at trust stations, preferably the same, with a defined flag.