Work with a formal contract is the dream of most professionals, points out research


Source: O Globo Online, 12/11/2007

RIO - The majority of people (41,13%), when looking for a job, declare that their first concern is stability, with a formal contract and all labor rights and benefits. This is what the survey “The Hiring, Dismissal and Career of Brazilian Professionals - 2007 Edition” indicates, carried out between March and April this year, with 12.122 professionals from all over the country.

According to the data, the preference for employment under the CLT regime is more evident among trainees and recent graduates (53,06%), supervisors (46,80%) managers (45,59%), specialized professionals (43,11% ) and professionals in administrative positions (40,72%). As for hierarchically higher positions, the percentage recorded a decrease: directors (33,73%), president or general manager (32,32%), independent consultant (29,41%) and vice president (21,43%). University professors were the professionals least interested in formal contracts (15,07%).

"The preference for the formal contract bond is natural, since the CLT regime provides more benefits and guarantees to the employee"

- The preference for a formal contract is natural, since the CLT regime provides more benefits and guarantees to the employee. In contrast, work as a service provider - issuing invoices - can be interesting for several profiles, especially for those who act as consultants or more senior professionals who find it difficult to re-enter the market because of their salaries and qualifications ”, analyzes Adriano Arruda, general director of Catho Online and responsible for the research.

Age Group

The concern with the formal contract is more evident in professionals aged between 31 and 35 years. Then, there are young people under 25 years old (42,67%), those aged 25 to 30 years old (42,66%) and 36 to 40 years old (40,83%). Tied in fifth place, with 40,28%, were workers aged between 41 and 45 years and between 46 and 50 years.

Still considering the age groups of the interviewees, it is observed, according to the survey, that the desire to have a business of their own decreases progressively among the most senior professionals. On the other hand, becoming an independent consultant or service provider are options that considerably attract the most experienced. The interest in CLT, on the other hand, only shows a significant drop among respondents over 50 years old.

Service provision

However, the reality of the market shows that the number of registrations in the portfolio has been decreasing over time, giving rise to hiring under the provision of services, self-employment and even informality. The number of hires registered in the portfolio fell from 80,29%, before 1999, to 67,85%, in 2007. In just one year, the drop was over three percentage points. The number of service providers, self-employed and informal, has been growing in recent years - highlighting the latter category, which jumped from 4,8%, before 1999, to 9%, in 2007.

- Unfortunately, hiring professionals under the CLT regime is much more costly for companies. Thus, many of them, especially those of a smaller size, choose to hire professional service providers or outsource labor, ”adds Adriano Arruda.