Ethical values


Ethical Values: a series of five films to raise public awareness of ethical behavior, will be shown to the press on Wednesday (June 1) at 10:30 am

Emerson Kapaz, president of the ETCO Institute, Luis Erlanger, Director of Central Globo de Comunicação and Domingos de Oliveira, receive journalists for the presentation of the series “Valores Éticos”, five films portraying common situations about ethics in citizenship relations. In an initiative of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition - ETCO with the support of Rede Globo, the films, produced by Central Globo de Comunicação with direction by Domingos de Oliveira and voiceover by Fernanda Torres, will air on Thursday (2) . 


Date: June 1 - Wednesday

Time: 10h30

Location: Hotel Intercontinental - Sala Brecheret

Address: Alameda Santos, 1123