Twenty stations closed by the “De Olho na Bomba” operation in October


Source: Maxpress - SP - CITIES - 09/11/2009

The Secretariat of Finance of the State of São Paulo, through the operation “De Olho na Bomba”, closed 20 stations in October in the entire State of São Paulo, due to the sale of adulterated fuel. With this result, the number of stations closed in 109 rises to 2009. Since the beginning of the operation in 2005, 722 stations had their state registration canceled in the state.

SEFAZ's inspection has observed an annual decrease in the number of gas stations that are caught selling and storing adulterated fuel in its facilities. In 2005, 25,88% of the posts visited were canceled. In the following year, this total dropped to 14,05%. The downward trend continued over the years, reaching 8,17% in 2007, 5,01% in 2008 and 3,58% this year.

In the State of São Paulo, there are around 8.500 service stations and the “De Olho na Bomba” operation visits 8 to 10 dealer stations per month. Inspection consists of checking pumps, checking the establishment's registration data and collecting samples of the commercialized fuel, which are sent to the IPT for analysis. Fuel stations, distributors and carriers are subject to inspection.

With the law of forfeiture, during the inspection a preliminary test is carried out and if the suspected adulteration is confirmed, the tank with the fuel in non-conformity and its respective pumps are sealed and after the IPT analysis process, the fraud is confirmed, the Treasury starts the process of revocation of the state registration of the establishment and Procon-SP opens the process to decree the loss

The new state legislation foresees the cancellation of the state registration of stations, distributors and transporters caught with fuel out of specifications, in addition to fines from the Treasury Department, for tax evasion, and Procon, for injury to the Consumer Protection Code, and opening police investigation, in which the owners respond to civil and criminal cases.

The complete list of canceled gas stations can be consulted on the website of the Secretariat of Finance ( Just access the option “Consultation of canceled stations”. To report a post suspected of trading adulterated fuel, the consumer can call the Secretariat's Ombudsman at (11) 3243-3676 and (11) 3243-3683 or send an email to

The operation “De Olho na Bomba” has as partners the Institute of Technological Research (IPT), the Institute of Weights and Measures (Ipem), the Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation (Procon), the National Union of Fuel Distribution Companies (Sindicom), the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and the Civil and Military police.