Visa launches financial guide


Source: Gazeta Mercantil, 05/08/2005

August 5, 2005 - The Visa card banner yesterday launched the Practical Finance program, a personal finance guide to help users manage their money more easily and efficiently. The project begins its first phase with a website (

“As a world leader in electronic payment methods, Visa believes that financial education is essential for building a healthy economy, which promotes responsible banking habits, effectively contributing to the growth of the country's economy,” says Eduardo Gentil, president of Visa from Brazil. The website provides financial information divided into sections such as Understand Credit, Budgeting, Banking Services and Stages of Life.

The guide is supported by Abecs (Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services), Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks), Etco (Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics), Equifax, Rádio Eldorado and Rede Record, which also support initiatives financial education, education and development. Visa intends to develop new content and partnerships with class associations, universities and the media.