Bahia adheres to the Electronic Note BI system


BI Bahia

Photo: Wagner signs document, observed by Pulcherio (last on the right)

At a ceremony held on April 19, ETCO and the Government of Bahia, through Sefaz Bahia, delivered the BI NF-e System, or Business Intelligence System based on Electronic Invoices. The event was attended by the Governor of Bahia, Jaques Wagner, Finance Secretary Carlos Martins, Hoche Pulcherio and representatives from ETCO and Microsoft.

The new system, which is now used by Sefaz BA to combat tax evasion, resulted from the Cooperation Agreement signed between the Government of Bahia and ETCO and constitutes an important tool in the inspection of the segments required to issue the Electronic Invoice, also contributing to increase the payment of ICMS.

According to the superintendent of Tax Administration at Sefaz, Cláudio Meirelles, “this is a fundamental system to help extract the information from the NF-e and the partnership with ETCO was fundamental in this process”.

As defined in the Cooperation Agreement, from now on, other States will be able to implement the NFe BI. Acre, Paraná, Sergipe, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Norte, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso and the Federal District have already requested the transfer of the system to Sefaz BA.

Hoche Pulcherio recalled that “since the implementation of the Electronic Invoice, which had a major impact in reducing tax evasion in the country, this is the greatest achievement in the field of inspection and, we believe, it will have the same acceptance by State Governments who understand the importance of a healthy business environment for the country's economic growth ”.