Brazil worsens in the ranking of corruption to 76th place among 168 countries


GENEVA - From the outside, corruption in Brazil remains on the rise. The country's position in an international index of perception of corruption in the public sector has suffered the greatest deterioration in the last 12 months, together with that of Lesotho. The “Corruption Perception Index 2015”, organized by Transparency International (TI), lists countries based on a scale of zero (highly corrupt) to 100 (very transparent).

In the report, Brazil receives 38 points, five less than in the previous year, loses seven positions in the classification and
now it drops to 76th place among 168 countries. “It is not surprising that the perception of Brazil has deteriorated since
the scandals of the monthly allowance, the construction of stadiums and the investigation of Operation LavaJato,
that the world
can see how the existence of a corruption network including politicians from different parties, civil servants
Petrobras, many entrepreneurs and owners of large construction companies, ”said Alejandro Salas, regional director for

Source: Valor Econômico (27/01)

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