CNCP gathers judges to discuss piracy


Between October 13 and 15, magistrates from all over the country participated, in Foz do Iguaçu, in the XNUMXst International Seminar to Combat Piracy, an unprecedented initiative by the National Council to Combat Piracy and Offenses against Intellectual Property (CNCP) and the National School of Magistracy. State court judges debated the application of legislation that protects copyright, trademarks and intellectual property, by analyzing laws and discussing court jurisprudence, with the aim of improving the protection system in Brazil.

The event was the first international seminar held by CNCP, with the presence of French and Brazilian judges. According to information from the organization, France has differentiated legislation from Brazil on the subject, and the exchange of ideas is essential to enrich the Brazilian strategy.

“We have to deepen the debates on the legislative framework around intellectual property rights and learn about the main jurisprudence of the courts so that we can improve them”, said the President of the CNCP, Paulo Abrão.

The schedule also included visits by judges to various entry areas for counterfeit and counterfeit pirated products, such as the Friendship Bridge, the seized vehicle yard, Lake Itaipu, the Paraná River and the Federal Revenue Deposits.

Representatives of the Federal Police, the Federal Revenue Service, the Interministerial Group on Intellectual Property (GIPI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), the Ministry of Industry and Trade Development (MDIC), the Brand Protection Group also participated in the event. , from the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO) and Anvisa.

In his presentation, the Chief Executive of ETCO, Roberto Abdenur, addressed the causes and consequences of the competitive imbalance in the country. “The success of productive activities and economic growth depend on institutions, rules, uses and customs that provide the appropriate incentives. Failure to comply with rules and legal obligations creates competition imbalances, increases investment risks, and reduces growth, ”he declared. Abdenur was succeeded by Rodrigo Moraes, representative of the ETCO Chamber of Smoke, who presented figures on competitive inequality in the sector.

During and after the seminar, several judges and judges explained the importance that the issues presented will have in their work going forward, showing concern with the magnitude of the problem and satisfaction with the work carried out by public and private entities in the fight against piracy in Brazil.

As a concrete result, the CNCP reported that there was a manifestation by the magistrates to propose to the National Association of Magistrates of Brazil (AMAB) to request a seat at the CNCP, so that the Judiciary can also be an active party in the fight against piracy.

At the close, representatives of the National School of Magistrates stated that, if it is possible for the CNCP, the matter will become part of the annual course calendar.