CNCP has a new composition in 2012


On February 1, the Ministry of Justice released the new composition of the National Council to Combat Piracy and Intellectual Property Offenses (CNCP). ETCO is among the members. The selection was made through an open public process in late 2011.

In 2012, the work of the CNCP will focus on the following lines of action: improving the methodologies for diagnosing and assessing the economic impacts of piracy, and deepening institutional and federative articulation actions, focusing on the economic and training aspects. The central objective is to base the debate on the protection of intellectual rights in the country and to make its instruments compatible with the observance of citizenship and the free circulation of information.

The Board is also enriched with the installation of the Collaborators Panel, which will expand the dialogue with interested sectors. The new directors and members of the collaborators panel take office at the first session of the CNCP in 2012, on Tuesday, February 7.

Check out the representatives and institutions that are part of the new composition of the CNCP:

Brazilian Intellectual Property Association:

Luiz Henrique do Amaral and José Henrique Vasi Werner

Pharmaceutical Research Industry Association:

Antonio Britto and Marcelo Ernesto Liebhardt

Fundação Getulio Vargas Technology and Society Center:

Pedro Nicoletti Mizukami and Ronaldo Lemos

National Forum to Combat Piracy and Illegality:

Edson Luiz Vismona and Rafael Garcia Pereira Bellini

Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics:

Roberto Pinto Ferreira Mameri Abdenur and Heloisa de Moura Ribeiro

Brazilian Video Union:

Tania Lima

Research Group on Public Policies for Access to Information at the University of São Paulo:

Pablo Ortellado and Jorge Machado

On the same occasion, the CNCP Collaborators Panel will be composed with the following composition:

Brazilian Association of Record Producers:

Paulo Rosa Junior and José Eduardo Garcia Rajo

Brazilian Association of Software Companies:

José Curcelli and Antonio Eduardo Mendes da Silva

National Intellectual Rights Guarantee Association:

José Henrique Wasi Werner and Roosevelt da Silveira Senra

National Confederation of Industry:

Ricardo de Figueiredo Caldas and Dianna de Mello Jungmann

National Trade Confederation:

Natan Shiper and Tatiana de Fátima Machado Dunshee de Abranches

Brand Protection Group:

Fábio César Espejo and Luiz Cláudio Garé

Motion Pictures Association:

Marcos Oliveira and Antonio Borges Filho

(Source: Ministry of Justice News Agency)