ETCO advisor takes on Butantan Foundation


André Franco Montoro Filho will take care of the management of the main São Paulo institute for the production of serums and vaccines

Economist André Franco Montoro Filho took on the role of president of the Butantan Foundation on August 28. The Foundation is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the Butantan Institute, a biomedical research and production center under the Secretariat of Health of the States of São Paulo. Montoro Filho is a consultant and former president of ETCO-Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics.

The Butantan Institute currently produces six vaccines, for diseases such as tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough (triple bacterial), influenza and hepatitis B, and 13 serums, including antiophidic, anti-arachnid, anti-tetanus and antibotulin.

Montoro Filho already served as an advisor to the board of the Institute and the Foundation. He is a former secretary of Economy and Planning in the Mario Covas and Geraldo Alckmin administrations and had a prominent role in the process of adjustment and fiscal discipline and in the Privatization Program of the State of São Paulo (PED).

The inauguration of Montoro Filho was attended by the president of ETCO, Evandro Guimarães, the State Secretary for Health, David Uip, and other authorities.