Corruption and political crisis 'hold back' Brazil, says Davos Forum


Research carried out with 13 thousand entrepreneurs shows that 60% of them pointed out the “failure of governance” as the greatest risk for business in the country

The biggest obstacle to doing business in Brazil this year is the failure of the country's governance. The alert is from the World Economic Forum, which next Wednesday starts its annual event at the ski resort of Davos, Switzerland. In a report published on Thursday, about the biggest global risks for the year, the entity pointed to the Brazilian political crisis and corruption.

In a survey of 13.000 entrepreneurs, 60% of them indicated the “failure of governance” as the greatest risk for doing business in Brazil today. The rate outweighs those who consider the lack of water or infrastructure to be the biggest problems.

In the rest of the world, however, the issue of bankruptcy in public administration appears only as the fourth highest risk and is pointed out as a problem for only 27% of the 13.000 respondents. The biggest global risks, according to Davos, would be immigration and climate change in 2016.

Source: (15/01)

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