Ten measures against corruption


Last week, the Federal Public Ministry presented ten measures to improve the prevention and fight against corruption and impunity. The proposals aim at Transparency, Prevention, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

The measures seek, among other results, to prevent the occurrence of corruption, to criminalize illicit enrichment, to increase penalties for corruption and to make hideous that of high values, to speed up the criminal process and the civil process of crimes and acts of improbity, to close loopholes in the law. where criminals escape (via reform of prescription and nullity systems), criminalize box two and electoral laundering, allow objective punishment of political parties for corruption in future conducts, make imprisonment feasible to prevent diverted money from disappearing, streamline money tracking diverted and, finally, to close loopholes in the law through which the diverted money escapes.

The proposals:

  1. Prevention of corruption, transparency and protection of the information source.
  2. Criminalization of the illicit enrichment of public agents
  3. Increased penalties and heinous crime for high-value corruption
  4. Increased efficiency and fairness of appeals in criminal proceedings
  5. Speed ​​in administrative misconduct actions
  6. Reform of the penal prescription system
  7. Adjustments to penal nullities
  8. Accountability of political parties and criminalization of cash 2.
  9. Pre-trial detention to ensure the return of embezzled money
  10. Recovery of profit from crime

Source: Anti-corruption website.

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