Contractors from the Petrobras scandal are considering making a leniency agreement


Contractors involved in the Petrobras scandal are already considering making a leniency deal, admitting irregularities in exchange for softer sentences for their executives.

Under this agreement, the contractors would undertake to return the money diverted from the state company to pay bribes to various political parties - names of PT, PMDB, PP and PSDB have already been mentioned. Before advancing the idea, companies wait for the definition, first of all, of the magistrate who will handle the case.

They have already submitted requests for Judge Sergio Moro, from Paraná, to stop commanding the process. They claim that the irregularities did not occur in the state, but in Rio and SP. The leniency agreement would also depend on a major “sewing” involving the Federal Police and the Public Ministry.

Owners and majority shareholders of some of the contractors fear that some of their directors, if pressed, will decide, on their own, to award a prize, following the example of Paulo Roberto Costa, former director of Petrobras. With the leniency agreement, they would maintain at least some control over the process. Source: - Mônica Bergamo - 21/10