Entrepreneurs call for stepping up operations to combat smuggling


Representatives of business entities asked Vice President Michel Temer to increase the duration of operations to combat illicit activities at the borders. They represent companies affected by product smuggling.

“With Operation Agate, smuggling dropped dramatically. That is why it is necessary to prolong its durability ”, defended the president of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), Evandro Guimarães.

Coordinator of the Strategic Borders Plan (PEF), the vice president recognized the legitimacy of the request. "I will talk with the Ministers of Defense and Justice to outline the best way to intensify the fight against cross-border illicit, which cause economic and social losses and contribute to the growth of crime in cities", he concluded.

Coordinated by the Ministry of Defense, Operation Agate takes place sporadically on the borders of Brazil and has the support of the Ministry of Justice, Federal Revenue, state police and other public bodies.

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