Experts discuss new IP system for computers


Anatel guarantees that IP sharing will only be done during the transition to the new system, and that it is possible to identify those investigated in cyber crimes

The Social Communication Council discussed on Monday (7) the update of the IP system on the Brazilian Internet. In June last year, the system used to designate IP addresses (Ipv4) in Brazil was exhausted due to the more intense use of the Internet, mainly in mobile telephony. Since then, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the Internet Steering Committee and telecommunications operators have discussed how to transition to a new system (Ipv6) with an almost unlimited number, because each device connected to the Internet must have a number IP address.

Alex Ferreira / Chamber of Deputies
Seminar “Transition from IPv4 to IPv6: access, privacy and deterrence”

Until the transition to the new system occurs, Anatel authorized the sharing of IP numbers, that is, a group of users simultaneously using the same system address. This sharing was severely criticized by the Public Ministry in the CPI of the Chamber that investigates cyber crimes for making it difficult to identify computers and investigated users.

The representative of Anatel who spoke on Monday (7) to the Social Communication Council, Rodrigo Zerbone, pointed out that IP sharing is temporary, only during the transition to the new system, and that it is possible for the authorities to identify those investigated. in cyber crimes.

“Although there are 4 people sharing this IP address, there are other technical elements that can identify that person, that device, that specific terminal. This is being used by public security agencies to be able to identify perpetrators of crimes and other illicit acts. There are elements for identification, this obviously makes it a little more complex, but we have to deal with this, because the number of IPvXNUMX addresses, which is the old version, has already been exhausted; so we have to work with sharing inexorably ”

Anatel has already published an ordinance with rules for certification of equipment that meet the two IP systems and establishes deadlines for the exchange to be made by telecommunications operators.

Vice-president of the Social Communication Council, Ronaldo Lemos wants to expand the discussion on the topic. “This is a topic that cannot be analyzed only in the criminal aspect. As this seminar made clear, this is a topic that has to do with digital inclusion, with entrepreneurship, with access to information. Other dimensions need to be included in the debate. It runs the risk, for example, of generating exorbitant costs especially for small providers, for small sites that are not the world's providers, which are stronger than small ones ”.

All agents working on the Internet - users, connection and content providers, the government itself and the legislature - will have to update the IP system.

Source: Agência Câmara de Notícias (7/12)