Campaign alerts on IT regularization


From left to right: Rodrigo Paiva and Gerson Schmitt (ABES), Heloisa Ribeiro (ETCO), Eduardo Paranhos and Alexandre Esper (Microsoft) at the launch of the campaign

ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) wants to alert Brazilian businessmen that it is extremely important to use a completely regular Information Technology structure. If this does not happen, the supplier will be illegal and may face obstacles to exports to countries like the United States, with the new regulations of some American states, such as Louisiana and Washington, where the entry of products into the market in their territories will only be allowed if the production structure is considered legal. In addition to affecting the image of the segment to which it belongs and its country of origin, the company will be subject to financial losses that can result in dismissals of professionals and fines.

In this way, the ABES Legal Export Campaign, which has the support of ETCO (Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics) and MBC (Competitive Brazil Movement), has the main objective of alerting and encouraging Brazilian businesspeople to take responsibility for its structure through the correct licensing.

Campaign banner

"It is very important that the productive sector in Brazil is adapted to the new unfair competition legislation, ensuring that its companies are legal and do not harm their entire production cycle," stated the coordinator of the ABES Intellectual Property Defense Group, Rodrigo Paiva .

The campaign will include actions that include advertising pieces, which will be broadcast nationally in magazines, websites, lectures and educational events presented in different regions of the country. To follow the legislation, actions and events of this educational campaign, a specific page was launched: