ETCO and SEFAZ-BA deliver system to combat tax evasion


During the 40th edition of the National Meeting of State Tax Coordinators and Administrators (ENCAT), the Secretariat of Finance of the State of Bahia (SEFAZ-BA) and the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (ETCO) deliver the source codes and technical documentation of the BI System NF-e, or Business Intelligence System based on Electronic Invoices, for ten Finance Departments in Brazil. ENCAT is being held in Domingos Martins, in Espírito Santo and ends tomorrow, June 17th.

At the event, which will be attended by representatives from all of the country's Finance Departments, the states of Acre, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Maranhão, Paraná, Rio Grande do Norte, Santa Catarina will officially receive the system. Sergipe, in addition to the Federal District, which have already made the request official. The other States that are present and express interest, may also receive the material.

Also in this edition of ENCAT, which takes place every three months and is responsible for coordinating, at the national level, projects such as the Electronic Invoice (NF-e), there will be a presentation lecture of the BI NF-e with the participation of representatives of the ETCO. “After the excellent results obtained with the implementation of the Electronic Invoice, this is undoubtedly a fundamental initiative to continue combating tax evasion and improving the business environment in the country”, says ETCO executive president, Roberto Abdenur .

The delivery of the system is based on the Cooperation Agreement signed in September 2009, whereby SEFAZ-BA committed to making all source codes and technical documentation available to other Secretariats interested in implementing the system. The BI NF-e, developed by Microsoft together with the Bahia Finance Secretariat and ETCO, was delivered for use on April 19th. The tool will be important in the inspection of the segments required to issue the Electronic Invoice and, consequently, it will also contribute to increase the collection of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS).

The deadline for the BI to work completely will depend on the adaptation work of each State, since it is the responsibility of each one to install the application and integrate with the database, connecting this system to the NF- database. and the respective taxpayer register, which each secretariat already has. After this stage, it starts operating in the same way as it has been in Bahia, as it has already been designed so that it can be used by any Federation Unit.

"We did three trainings and saw that some areas have already used the tool to analyze the taxpayers' operations, identifying deviations and acting on them", says Sefaz Bahia's Tax Automation manager, Jadson Oliveira.