ETCO supports the launch of the Parliamentary Front for the Defense of Intellectual Property


Defense of Intellectual PropertyThe Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of Intellectual Property and Combating Piracy will be installed in the Chamber of Deputies on March 8. Congressman Fernando Francischini (SD-PR) will be the front president and will open the launch event. Vice-presidents Sandro Alex (PSD-PR) and Eros Biondini (PROS-MG), the presidents of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), Maria Carmen de Souza Brito; Edson Vismona, from the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), and the director general of the Motion Picture Association - Latin America, Ricardo Castanheira, will also speak at the event.

In all, 37 sector entities support the initiative. During the installation of the front, the sectorial entities will launch a new digital platform to foster innovation - CriAtivaRede. With a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the network has the mission of spreading the importance of intellectual property to the general public, addressing issues that involve the entire creative industry in the country. In its beta version, CriAtivaRede has already reached 25 thousand followers.

The front will start work with a defined legislative agenda, which contains a list of the first 12 projects to be closely monitored by the group.

FPM legislative agenda

From the audiovisual sector, they support the front:

ABRAPLEX - Brazilian Association of Cinematographic Exhibiting Companies Multiplex Operators

ABTA - Brazilian Pay-TV Association

ALIANZA - Alianza against Piratería de Televisión Paga

APRO - Brazilian Association for the Production of Audiovisual Works

BRAVI - Brasil Independent Audiovisual

DBCA - Brazilian Cinema and Audiovisual Directors

MPA - Motion Picture Association - Latin America

SICAV - Union of the Audiovisual Industry

TAP - Television Association of Programmers

UBV & G - Brazilian Video and Games Union

The creation of the parliamentary front has the support of other entities, associations and companies:

ABAPI - Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents

ABDR - Brazilian Association of Reprographic Law

ABES - Brazilian Association of Software Companies

ABIFUMO - Brazilian Tobacco Industry Association

ABIHPEC - Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry

ABIT - Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry

ABIVIDRO - Brazilian Technical Association of Automatic Glass Industries

ABPD - Brazilian Association of Record Producers

ABPI - Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property

ABRAL - Brazilian Licensing Association

AgroBio - Association of Biotechnology Companies in Agriculture and Agribusiness

ÁPICE - Association for Sports Industry and Trade


BPG - Brand Protection Group

BRASSCOM - Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies

CBL - Brazilian Book Chamber

CNF - National Confederation of Financial Institutions

CNI - National Confederation of Industry

ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics

FNCP - National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality

GS1 Brasil - Brazilian Automation Association

Brazil Legal Institute

Intellectual Capital Institute

Open Word Institute


UBC - Brazilian Union of Composers

UBEM - Brazilian Union of Music Publishers