ETCO launches in São Paulo the book “Corrupção - Barrier to the Development of Brazil”


In August 2012, ETCO held the international seminar The impact of corruption on development, in partnership with the newspaper Valor Econômico, bringing together representatives from different sectors of the Brazilian economy and society.

The leading experts on the topic took part in the seminar: Federal Deputy Carlos Zarattini (PT / SP); political scientist Cristiano Noronha; the writer Demétrio Magnoli; Ellen Grace Northfleet, former President of the STF; Jorge Hage Sobrinho, Minister of State Chief of the Comptroller General of the Union; José Augusto Coelho Fernandes, Director of CNI; Josmar Verillo, Vice President of Amarribo; Marcílio Marques Moreira, President of the ETCO Advisory Council; Otaviano Canuto, Vice President of the World Bank; Paulo Rabello de Castro, coordinator of the Brazil Efficient Movement; Rita de Cássia Biason, Coordinator of the Study Group on Corruption at Júlio de Mesquita Filho University; Roberto Abdenur, Executive President of ETCO; Roberto Romano, professor of Ethics and Philosophy at Unicamp; and Rolf Alter, from the OECD.

The discussions produced at this seminar provided material for journalist Oscar Pilagallo to write the book Corruption - Barriers to Brazil's Development. The book shows that corruption is both a factor and a justification for misconduct. Tax evasion, illegal trade and informality, for example, are manifestations, or consequences, of various forms of corruption, active or passive.

The book will be released on August 14, at Livraria da Vila at Shopping JK Iguatemi, in São Paulo. A debate on the topic of Corruption will precede the signing session and will be attended by the author of the book, the Executive President of ETCO, Roberto Abdenur, and the former Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Ellen Gracie Northfleet, who attended the seminar that gave rise to the book.


Book release Corruption - Barriers to Brazil's Development
Date: 14 August 2013
Time: 19h
Location: Vila Livraria do Shopping JK Iguatemi
Address: Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2.041, 2nd floor, São Paulo (SP)