ETCO participates in event on the simplification of tax actions



In March, the city of Salvador hosted the 54th edition of the National Meeting of State Tax Coordinators and Administrators (Encat), whose main theme was 'Simplification of tax obligations'. On the occasion, Evandro Guimarães, ETCO's executive president, presented the Institute to an audience with representatives of the finance departments of the 26 states of the country and the Federal District, in addition to participating in discussions on the mechanisms disclosed by the government to reduce bureaucratization of the entrepreneurship, such as simplifying the requirements for starting and operating companies.

“The simplification of our tax system will ensure the stipulation of more reasonable rates, a factor that will encourage the formalization of companies, the better distribution of taxes and, consequently, the reduction of the tax burden. In short, everyone has to win ”analyzes Guimarães.

Another important point discussed at the meeting was the modernization of the Tax Authorities through the adoption of a series of digital tools that provided the evolution of the tax collection process and, consequently, the greatest efficiency in combating tax evasion. “This process started with the implementation of Electronic Invoice (NF-e) and today includes several other news, the most recent being the Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e) ”says executive coordinator of Encat and fiscal auditor of Sefaz-BA, Eudaldo Almeida.