ETCO participates in tax simplification project


Tax SimplificationGroup that brings together large companies and associations has prepared 13 proposals that are being taken to Encat


Today, Brazilian companies spend 2.600 hours of work per year to comply with thousands of tax requirements. The world average is only 264 hours. To help reverse this situation, which generates unnecessary costs and risks, the ETCO-Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition is participating in a project that brings together major contributors to suggest concrete tax simplification measures to the sector authorities. The project has the support of Encat (National Meeting of State Tax Coordinators and Administrators).

According to Wermeson Santos, Indirect Tax Manager at Souza Cruz, one of the companies involved in the initiative through ETCO, "the objective is to address the needs of companies and society, as the complexity of the tax system affects everyone".

The project incorporates contributions from 15 companies and associations, including Ambev, Sindicom, Souza Cruz and Pernod Ricard Brasil, which are associated with ETCO.

In December, the group members completed the discussions and prepared a document with 13 suggestions for changes considered to be a priority, such as the use of the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED) as the only channel of information related to the companies' tax and accounting deeds.

The work is being sent to Encat, which will analyze the proposals and take them to Cotepe (Permanent Technical Commission) and, later, to Confaz (National Council for Farm Policy).