Ethics in Latin America is discussed at an international seminar

17/10/2013, -

Executive President of ETCO participated in a panel at Latin America Ethics Summit, in which he spoke about the importance of fighting corruption for the evolution and development of the country, the approval of the Anti-Corruption Law and the popular demonstrations that occurred in the last month.

ETCO Executive President Roberto Abdenur participated on a July 10 panel in corruption in Brazil during the Latin America Ethics Summit, an event promoted by Thomson Reuters in partnership with the Ethisphere Institute. He shared the stage with the CEO of the American NGO, Pamela Passman.

In his presentation, Abdenur highlighted the current Brazilian political scenario, marked by popular demonstrations throughout Brazil, whose main flags included the fight against corruption. In this regard, he stressed the importance of advances such as the approval of the House Bill (PLC) 0039/2013 (PL 6826/2010), the so-called Anticorruption Law, which provides for the administrative and civil liability of legal entities for the practice of acts against public administration, national or foreign.

Abdenur said that "ETCO sees this new text as an important advance, because it is not enough to look at the corrupt without looking at the corruptor". For him, the legal text "encourages companies to respect the laws, which improves the level of competitive ethics and makes the business environment healthier".

He pondered, however, that the big challenge is for companies to start taking the issue of business ethics to the chain of associates and suppliers. "(The law) It is an important starting point, but companies need to create an ethical fortification," said Abdenur, stressing the importance of the role of the private sector in preventing corruption itself.

O Latin America Ethics Summit it was the first event held in Latin America by the North American entity Ethisphere, dedicated to creating, improving and sharing good practices in corporate social responsibility, combating corruption, sustainability and business ethics. Created in 2007, Ethisphere also annually elects the most ethical companies in the world and promotes seminars and events that discuss the topic in different regions.