Anticorruption and compliance law under debate at ETCO


COO of the American NGO, Craig Moss deepened the discussion on the topic with companies from different sectors

The COO - Chief Operating Officer of the American NGO, Craig Moss, visited the ETCO headquarters in São Paulo on the morning of October 31, when he was able to discuss the importance of the compliance and the impacts that the new Anticorruption Law (Law 12.846 / 2013) will have on companies that operate in Brazil.

The debate took place with representatives of the legal and legal departments compliance from Amgen, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Raízen, SKY and UOL, and also counted on the presence of ETCO's Executive Director, Heloisa Ribeiro, and the Institute's Executive President, Roberto Abdenur.

“In general, companies are very reactive in terms of compliance, wait for the crisis to happen before acting. We need to change this paradigm and invest in proactivity, precisely to prevent crises from happening, ”said Moss, who stressed the importance of team commitment and engagement so that companies can make the compliance area a reality. “It is necessary to train committed people to follow the company's procedures and policies on a routine basis. Only then can the topic really advance in companies ”, he said.

By applying a questionnaire on the topic to those present, Moss was able to verify that some companies are already well advanced in terms of policies and dissemination of the idea of compliance among your employees. However, some are still in very early stages, working to adapt the company to future application and the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Law.

This was the second meeting promoted in partnership by ETCO and with companies operating in Brazil. The first took place in June, when CEO Pamela Passman was present. In both events, was on hand to assist companies in making their self-assessment and progress in implementing good practices related to compliance and, also, protection of intellectual property. is a global, non-profit organization, focused on protecting Intellectual Property and on tools to fight corruption. It shares good practices and helps companies to build efficient systems for protecting Intellectual Property and fighting corruption, providing evaluations, training and improvement programs. Find out at