Libbs already has Unique Drug Identifier


1413296248_libbsPharmaceutical Libbs is the first company in the segment in the country to implement its medication monitoring platform with the printing of the Unique Medicines Identifier.

The Unique Medicines Identifier (IUM) will store information such as batch, validity, serial number and registration number with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

By December of next year, all pharmaceutical laboratories should place at least three traceable lots on the market. As of December 2016, the entire market should have tracking mechanisms.

This ensures the authenticity and legal provenance of the medication, avoiding deviations in the production chain and allowing for faster health surveillance action.

According to the government, traceability brings benefits to the industry with more effective management of risks in the production chain, avoiding errors and losses due to maturities and preventing theft of cargo.

Until September 30, Anvisa was notified of more than 1,2 cargoes of stolen or lost medicines. That number last year reached 1.964 and, in 2012, exceeded 3 thousand.

Source: Baguete RS  13/10/2014



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