Book updates panorama of corruption in Brazil


The promoter of justice Roberto Livianu, also president of the Movement for the Democratic Public Ministry, an ETCO partner entity, launched the book “Corrupção” at the Livraria Cultura of Shopping Iguatemi, in São Paulo (SP), last Monday afternoon. - Including the New Anti-Corruption Law ”.

The work is an updated and expanded edition of “Corruption and Criminal Law - A diagnosis of Corruption in Brazil”, originally written by the author in 2006. In the new text, Livianu updates her analysis of the causes, consequences and the fight against corruption in Brazil, with a special focus on the contribution of Law 12.846 / 13, the Anti-Corruption Law, in combating the problem.

The preface is signed by former Justice Minister Dalmo Dallari. In it, the jurist emphasizes that “the fight against corruption by legal means is the beginning of facing the issue”. Thus, when analyzing the resources of the legal framework for white-collar crimes in Brazil, “Livianu's work contributes to improving the fight against corruption”.

Doctor of Law from the University of São Paulo, Roberto Livianu works at the Public Prosecutor's Office for Diffuse and Collective Rights. Livianu is also a teacher at public prosecutor training schools in São Paulo and Mato Grosso.