Manaus joins the Cidade Livre de Pirataria program


Capital of Amazonas is the 9th Brazilian municipality and the first in the North Region to join the Ministry of Justice program, under the management of ETCO. Goal is to reach all the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The City of Piracy Program, of the National Council for Combating Piracy and Intellectual Property Offenses of the Ministry of Justice (CNCP / MJ), won, on August 23, the adhesion of the city of Manaus, the first in the North Region to participate in the project. With the entry of the capital of Amazonas, there are now nine municipalities that adopt the program, whose objective is to municipalize the fight against illegal trade.

The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, signed the agreement in a ceremony that also included the presence of the Executive Secretary of the CNCP, Rodolfo Tamanaha, and the ETCO representative, Márcio Gonçalves.

During the ceremony, Arthur Neto stated that all traders who are willing to abandon the sale of contraband and want to sell legal products will receive benefits from the Manaus City Hall. “We will give an alternative to those who are exploited in their work. The city will finance everyone who works with pirated products, as long as they start selling legal products. Now it is war without respite for the great pirates ”, he declared.

Rodolfo Tamanaha, from CNCP, said that the first action after the signing of the Cooperation Agreement will be the training of municipal employees. "The first action that the Council usually performs, together with the city halls, is a training event for local agents, so that they know how to identify pirated and original products," said Rodolfo.

Already implemented in São Paulo, Curitiba, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Osasco, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória and Salvador, the Cidade Livre de Pirataria Program aims to municipalize the offensive against the illegal trade of products, so that cities actively take up the fight piracy, developing actions in conjunction with municipal, state and federal institutions, in addition to representatives of civil society. Thus, all anti-piracy measures, such as inspection, product seizure operations and awareness campaigns, are now being worked on in an integrated manner and coordinated by the city hall, which ensures more efficiency and better results.

As a program manager, ETCO aims to expand adherence to the program. This year, the priority is the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, as is the case in Manaus, which will have four first phase matches played at Arena Amazônia.