My story with ETCO


Since May, the ETCO newsletter has testimonials from people linked to the Institute's history, which are fundamental for the consolidation of these 10 years of activities.

In this edition, the testimony of Victoria de Marchi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ETCO and one of the founders of the Institute.

ETCO emerged in the early 2000s, from a movement led by some companies that had been having serious competition difficulties, caused by competitive deviations.

These companies realized that competitors used illegal methods to compete in the Brazilian market, among them smuggling, product counterfeiting and tax evasion, creating an absolutely unequal business environment. Several works in that period were elaborated and presented to the authorities, with proposals to minimize these practices.

Once the extent of the problem was verified, it was decided that it would be important that these works were not restricted to a small group. Thus ETCO was born, as an independent Institute, with the objective of defending the free market and promoting the improvement of the business environment in the country.

One of ETCO's missions was to work towards making the authorities and the community itself aware of the harm that this type of competition brings to Brazil. We understand that, for a country to grow in a sustainable way, it is essential to have a favorable business environment, where market forces can act freely.

Imbued with this spirit is that, with satisfaction, I joined this group of entrepreneurs who are willing to work in defense of a free competitive, ethical and egalitarian market.

This is ETCO's most important mission.