My story with ETCO


As of this edition, the ETCO newsletter will include testimonials from people linked to the Institute's history, which are fundamental for the consolidation of these 10 years of activities.

And to start the series, the testimony of Milton Cabral, one of the founders of the Institute:

I was surprised by the request I was made to remember the first initiatives of the formation of ETCO.

Surprised to remember that it has been 10 years since the formal inauguration in Brasilia. However, before we reached that moment - historic for us - a lot of work and effort had already been dedicated by the pioneer companies and the individuals who represented them.

Clearly, there was a gap in our country of an entity that could actively represent our society's best wishes for a healthy business environment, free from the vices of counterfeiting, smuggling and tax evasion.

ETCO, conceived and designed to meet these desires, bringing together large companies and business associations, arrived at the right time and with the right caliber.

In these pioneering moments, throughout 2002, I had the pleasure of being an active coordinator of the works and, often, host of the multiple preparatory meetings for the assembly of ETCO. Perhaps this is why I became the first Chairman of the Board, a position I held with pleasure until my retirement in 2004.

Looking at the ETCO of the present and its future prospects, I can only record my satisfaction and pride at having so actively participated in its past. I observe, with joy, the continuity of the presence of some of the pioneers of the old days of 2002. I am sure that they, like me, have a sense of accomplishment for bequeathing to Brazil such a noble and useful entity for the construction of the country we want and we dream to bequeath to our children and grandchildren.

May God bless our course and may this good fight continue to be fought.

Milton Cabral, economist, Souza Cruz employee for 33 years, having retired as Financial Vice President