Invoice on mobile in 2016


(Accounting portal - 04/11)

As of 2016, coupons and model 2 invoices, issued by commercial establishments in the Federal District, such as bakeries, supermarkets and department stores, will give rise to the Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e). In practice, the traditional blocks and tax machines will be replaced by new technology integrated into the Federal Revenue system. With the modification of the mechanism, the final buyer will be able to receive the receipts via email or by phone message (SMS). Last Friday, the measure was regulated by an ordinance from the Federal District Finance Department (SEF-DF), which set deadlines for changes by certain types of companies. Until 2016, owners of establishments in the Federal District can issue the NFC-e voluntarily. But, during this adaptation period, it will be possible to use both forms of issuance, both online and on paper.

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