New Palmas electronic invoice system is regulated


According to the city government, it will offer more agility and practicality in the use of the NF issuing service to entrepreneurs in the capital.

Decree nº 797, published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality of Palmas, on July 02nd, regulates the new Electronic Invoice, which, according to the city hall, will offer more agility and practicality in the use of the NF issuing service to businessmen in the capital.

The Electronic Invoice for Services (NFS-e) is the document issued and stored electronically in the Municipality of Palmas' own system, with the objective of registering the operations related to the provision of services and materializing the facts that generate the Tax on Services of Any Nature (ISSQN), through electronic registration of services rendered subject to ISSQN taxation.

According to the Municipality's Communication Office, the team from the Municipal Finance Secretariat started a series of training sessions with businessmen, accountants and professionals in the segment to inform about the system's tools and answer questions.

A new meeting, scheduled for the next July 15th, starting at 8:XNUMX am, in the auditorium of the Chamber of Shopkeepers, will take place another round of training for entrepreneurs in Palmas. Registrations can be made free of charge on the website of the Union of Accounting Services Companies and of the Advisory, Expertise, Information and Research Companies of Tocantins, at


The system implemented is called WebISS®, which uses the NFS-e national model established by the Brazilian Association of Capital Finance Departments (ABRASF), used in 90 municipalities. The New NFS-e System “WebISS is being implemented by the Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration (IBAM), contracted via bidding.

Among the differentials of the system is the possibility for the user to issue the invoice offline, by downloading the application called e-RPS (Provisional Electronic Service Receipt) on the computer or via smartphones and tablets. The program also allows integration with the systems used by companies, which facilitates the issuance of notes.


Entrepreneurs and accounting professionals can register in the new system until July 31, accessing the Palmas City Hall website, clicking on the "Services" menu and then "Electronic Invoice ”, Or through the website: When opening the page, the user can select the option “WebISS Electronic Notes System” to access the program and proceed with CeC® - Electronic Taxpayer Registration.

"The new system will be available on August 1, so the current Prodata platform will be deactivated, so we have held several meetings for users to register as soon as possible," said Tax Collection Superintendent, Glauber Santana Aires. (With information from Ascom City Hall). know more