Anonymous Software Piracy Reporting Portal had 31 nominations in 2013


Abes and BSA's initiative led to the inspection of 12 thousand companies, and the majority opted for regularization. South and Southeast regions lead ranking of complaints

Launched in November 2012 by the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (Abes) in partnership with BSA - The Software Alliance, the Software Piracy Reporting Portal ( ended 2013 with the mark of 31 thousand indications of cases of commercialization, acquisition or use of illegal programs. As a result, 12 thousand companies were inspected and the majority opted for the regularization of the software.

The channel is one of several actions taken by entities to combat software piracy in the country. The complaints are 100% anonymous and can be made by any citizen who finds irregularities in the use, sale or distribution of software by physical stores, online and companies.

Of the total of 31 thousand complaints, more than 20 thousand are unique, considering that a company can be nominated several times. In other words, 60% of the companies (12 thousand) have already been inspected and encouraged to regularize their situation. Complaints are forwarded to manufacturers, and each case is verified in accordance with the companies' internal processes. Currently, the portal has 11 manufacturers registered in the program: Adobe, Audaces, Autodesk, Dassault, Microsoft, Progress, PLM, Siemens, Sybase, Symantec and Tekla.

The companies denounced are mainly located in the Southeast and South regions, with 31% and 8,64%, respectively. Followed by the Northeast (1,92%), Midwest (1,44%) and North (0,41%).

Piracy industry

The Whistleblower Portal also contributed to the seizure of 487.852 pirated software CDs and DVDs in 2013. The South region had the highest record of seizures (1905), and 129 computer resellers were assessed by the police in the South and Southeast with suspicions of commercialize counterfeit computer programs. In total, police agents, with Abes logistical support, managed to seize approximately 3 pirated items in these resellers, including software and serials for activating computer programs.

Abes President Jorge Sukarie is satisfied with the results achieved. "The numbers exceeded our expectations and it is gratifying to see how society has contributed to the complaints and how the software manufacturers are committed to fighting the sale of illegal programs," says Sukarie. “Failure to respect intellectual property rights weakens the principle of legality for economic growth, as well as the development of innovative technologies. It creates an unfair market, in which honest companies are not able to compete. ”

All necessary information and step by step to make an anonymous report are available on the portal website:

Source: Abes Press Office
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