ETCO Journalism Award has 203 entries


Awards will take place on November 7, in São Paulo. The objective is to increase knowledge and understanding of the benefits of competitive ethics

The number of entries for the ETCO Journalism Award exceeded forecasts, totaling 203 reports from all regions of Brazil. The award, which is part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of ETCO, aims to recognize journalistic works that stimulate society's awareness of topics such as illegal trade and informality, piracy, complexity of the tax system, tax evasion and the impact corruption in the economy.

With the award of these reports, ETCO believes that it will contribute to the expansion of knowledge and understanding of the benefits of competitive ethics for the business environment.

Journalistic works published between January 1, 2012 and August 1, 2013 were entered in newspapers and magazines, and those broadcast on radio stations, television stations and electronic communication vehicles based in Brazil.

In addition to awards in each of the five categories - radio journalism, newspaper, magazine, telejournalism and online journalism - there will also be the ETCO Journalism Grand Prize, the main award category. The prizes will be of R $ 10 thousand for each article awarded.

The judgment will be made in two phases: in the first, a selection committee, composed of communication professionals and ETCO representatives, will indicate the works that fit the objectives of the program, for future referral to the Award Committee. In the second phase, the Award Committee, composed of journalists with recognized professional experience, will choose the winning works in the categories, including the ETCO Journalism Grand Prize. In both phases, the judges will observe, among other attributes of the enrolled material, properties such as originality, level of accuracy and quality of the text.

The finalists will be announced on October 9, and the award will be held in São Paulo on November 7.