President re-elected talks about the need for Tax Reform


In an interview with Jornal Nacional, re-elected President Dilma Roussef spoke, among other issues, about the need for Tax Reform.

Dilma JN

In an interview with “Jornal Nacional”, the president stated that she tried to make a tax reform during her first term in the Planalto Palace. Dilma said she believes that the discussion on the topic needs to be carried out “in depth”, since the federal government has adopted some measures in recent years that, according to her, were criticized, such as the payroll exemption.

The re-elected president also declared that there is a “distributive conflict” in the country due to the discussion between the states about who thinks they lose and who thinks they will win with the tax reform. "I am convinced that Brazil needs tax reform and needs to simplify taxes", said the president, criticizing what she called "fiscal war". "It is a challenge that I will have to face," he said.

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