Project excludes from the Penal Code the crime of selling counterfeit medicine.


(04/11 - Chamber of Deputies)

The Chamber of Deputies analyzes Bill 8028/14, by Deputy Cleber Verde (PRB-MA), which excludes from the Penal Code (Decree-law 2.848/40) the crime of importing, selling, keeping in storage, distributing or delivering medicinal or therapeutic products of unknown origin. Currently, the penalty provided for the crime is imprisonment for 10 to 15 years and a fine.

Cleber Verde explains that the penalty previously provided for the crime was from one to three years, and that the Code was amended by the so-called Remedies Law (Law 9.695 / 98), which included this practice in the list of heinous crimes. He recalls that the change was motivated by the massive discovery of fake drugs, manufactured and marketed in the country.


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