Federal Revenue released inspection report



Throughout 2014, 3.110 surveillance and repression operations against smuggling and embezzlement, activities that aim to prevent the commission of illicit acts and their fight against the practice of conduct.

This total represented an increase of 3,70% compared to 2013.
The total seizure of goods processed by the Federal Revenue, in the areas of inspection, repression, surveillance and control over foreign trade (including baggage), resulted in 2014, in the amount of R $ 1,80 billion. In Rio Grande do Sul, goods worth R $ 93,7 million were seized (cigarettes R $ 42 million, pesticides R $ 574 thousand, and beverages R $ 1,96 million, among other items).

Among the seized goods, there are counterfeit, toxic, medication and other sensitive products, including weapons and ammunition, which have great harmful potential.

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Source: Diário da Manhã Pelotas (16/02)