Tax substitution


Last Wednesday, 16/07, Deputy Valdivino de Oliveira (PSDB / GO) presented his opinion for approval, with substitutive, to the Complementary Law Project (PLP) 389/14, coming from (PLS) 323/10, from former Senator Alfredo Cotait (DEM / SP), which defines the list of sectors opting for Simples Nacional (Complementary Law 123/06 ) that would be subject to tax substitution.

This substitute intends to change some articles in the Simple System Law, mainly about the way companies will pay taxes. In addition, it also appears in which cases, according to products produced, there may be tax substitution. Fuels, cigarettes, beverages and electronics are on that list.

The presented project is awaiting a decision on the opinion of the Economic Development, Industry and Trade Commission (CDEIC). Subsequently, it will be analyzed by the Finance and Taxation (CFT) and Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJC) Commissions and, finally, it should be evaluated by the Chamber of Deputies Plenary, where it may receive amendments during its discussion.

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Source: Agência Câmara Notícias