Retail will have lower cost with electronic invoice to consumers


The implantation of the Electronic Invoice to the Consumer (NFC-e) in Varejo Paraibano was one of the themes of the lectures of the Tax Workshop, held in the city of Patos. The event was promoted by the Paraíba State Supermarket Association (ASPB), in partnership with the Brazilian Supermarket Association (Abras).

The head of the Center for Analysis and Planning of Tax Documents of the State Revenue, Fábio Roberto Silva Melo, addressed in the lecture about the new model of electronic invoice intended for consumers and its advantages in relation to the current fiscal coupon printed by retail, which is being implemented in the State since July on an experimental basis.

According to the auditor Fábio Melo, the main advantage of this new electronic note is the cost factor for taxpayers. “They will start using a non-fiscal printer on the printed bill to the consumer. This non-fiscal printer is much more affordable than the current printer, which costs approximately one third of the current cost of a printer currently used, which is the fiscal one ”, he declared.

The implementation of the new Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e) service, which will be an electronic alternative to the current tax documents used by retailers, will create the possibility of opening new payment boxes with non-fiscal printers in establishments with lower cost and greater agility. As for the consumer, in addition to making purchasing more simplified, it will facilitate access to tax documents, which will be filed electronically on the SER portal, which will guarantee the authenticity of your business transaction. In practice, the consumer will have access to the tax document at the time he needs and there is no need to use paper, but the company continues to be forced to print from conventional printers, which have a lower cost.

The State Revenue released earlier this month the initial list of retail companies that will start issuing the Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e), as of January 2015. In all, 117 retail establishments in the State will start issuing the receipt of the receipt by electronic means. In July this year, the State Revenue launched the pilot project of the Electronic Consumer Invoice (NFC-e). Three retail companies in the state participate in the experimental phase of the project, which will take place until the end of September: Armazém Paraíba, from the N. Claudino Group, Esposende, from the Paquetá Group and the computer company João Oliveira Alves from the municipality of Guarabira.

Source: Paraíba Daily Portal

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