ETCO launches a project to help teachers from all over Brazil to discuss ethics with their students.



Ethics for young peopleEthics is the basis of social interaction. To build a strong and fair Brazil that we all want, we need to strengthen the ethical bases of our society, cultivating this value for new generations.

ETCO's main focus is to work to improve the business environment in the country by combating illegal conduct that causes competitive imbalance between companies, such as tax evasion, product counterfeiting, smuggling and corruption.

But ETCO understands that the solution to these problems also depends on the ethical training of Brazilians.

In this sense, the Institute launched yesterday (20/06), in an event at the São Paulo State Department of Education, the ETHICS FOR YOUTH project.

During the event, which counted with the participation of Assistant Secretary Francisco José Carbonari, of the General Ombudsman, Gustavo Ungaro, in addition to guests, students and high school teachers from the Caetano de Campos School, the results of a RESEARCH commissioned by ETCO to Datafolha on Youth and Ethics and the website ETHICS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Closing the event, professors Adriano Marangoni (Teacher Training School), Eunice Prudente (State Ombudsman) and Denise Auad (Advisory Council of Instituto Alana), spoke about The role of the school in the ethical formation of young people.

From left to right: Edson Vismona (President of ETCO), Francisco José Carbinari (Assistant Secretary of Education) and Gusta Ungaro (General Ombudsman)
Edson Vismona (President of ETCO), Francisco José Carbonari (Assistant Secretary of Education) and Gustavo Ungaro (State Ombudsman)
From left to right, professors Adriano Marangoni, Eunice Prudente and Denise Auad
Professors Adriano Marangoni, Eunice Prudente and Denise Auad







ETCO's initiative consists of helping teachers from all over Brazil to deal with ethics with their students, through activities to be worked on in the classroom.

The project was developed by ETCO, based on a research on how young people face the ethics theme. They understand that there is an ethical crisis in society, but they seem willing to change this scenario and validate the principles of this project by placing teachers among their main ethical references and in recommending as a solution to the problem, that we talk more about the subject.

The first partnership, closed with the São Paulo State Department of Education, is expected to reach 230.000 public school teachers. The next step is to move forward with new partnerships in other states.

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