Florianópolis receives “Legal Export Campaign”


The Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) presented in Florianópolis the “Legal Export Campaign”, to stimulate the regularization in the IT structure of the exporting industries and prepare them for the new rules of fair competition that are consolidated in the global market.

Florianópolis was the sixth city to know the “Legal Export Campaign”, in an event that brought together businessmen from Santa Catarina from various sectors, with the objective of alerting them about the importance of using a regular IT structure. The presentations clearly showed that the growing competitiveness of the global market and the adoption of new rules in important importing markets impose obstacles to those producers who maintain irregularities in their IT infrastructures, which can cause financial losses and affect the image of the sector where they operate . The campaign received support from ETCO, Santa Catarina Association of Technology Companies (ACATE), Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (FIESC) and from FECOMÉRCIO.

“With the partnership of ACATE and the support of FIESC, we want, with this campaign, to help companies that work to legalize their applications and win the foreign market. We are getting ahead of ourselves to gain competitiveness ”, stated the president of ABES, Gérson Schmitt.

According to 2010 IDC-BSA Global Software Piracy Study, released in May 2011 by Business Software Alliance, among the countries that form the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), Brazil has the lowest software piracy rate, 54%. The highest index is that of China, with 78%, followed by Russia, with 65%, and India, with 64%. Although Brazil is a long way from economies with low rates of illegal IT use, whose average rates are around 30%, among the BRICs it is the country with the greatest chance of reaching these rates and expanding the competitiveness of its industry in global trade.

Heloisa Ribeiro, ETCO's executive director, present at the event, explains that "the main export destination for many Brazilian products is the USA, a country that started a movement of commercial restrictions to companies that do not have their IT structure legalized". For her, "this is an example that the implementation of IT legalization policies will make all the difference in the global business environment".

The campaign has actions that include advertising pieces, which are being broadcast nationally in magazines, websites, lectures and educational events presented in different regions of the country. To follow the legislation, actions and events of this educational campaign, a specific page was launched: www.exportelegal.com.br.

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