Security Office meets with tenants from six shopping malls that are being monitored


Source: São Paulo City Hall - 22/07/2011

The Municipal Secretary of Urban Security and Coordinator of the Security Office, Edsom Ortega, Secretary Natanael Miranda, of the Micro Entrepreneur and other members of the Security Office met this Thursday afternoon (21/07), at the headquarters of the Commercial Association of São Paulo, with tenants, owners / controllers and administrators of the six shopping malls in the region of 25 de Março and Avenida Paulista that are being monitored in Operation to Combat Piracy, Tax Evasion and Smuggling: March 25, (I and II ), Korai, Oriental World, Mounti Mare and Palmplona. The objective was to inform them of the integrated verification and inspection work and also of the importance of tenants in regularizing themselves and not selling illegal products in order not to jeopardize those who are within the law, with the partial or total closure of the malls.

Shopkeepers, administrators and lawyers had the opportunity to request clarification on how to proceed so that the illegal ones do not continue selling illicit products, on interpreting aspects of legislation and competences, on the risks they run if they commit such crimes again, as well as on improving operations .

Secretary Edsom Ortega stressed that the public administration is open to dialogue to advise on how to proceed in order to eliminate the practice of such crimes and for traders to act legally. In previous meetings, the review of the malls' internal regulations was discussed in order to ensure that merchants who sell illegal products, have their doors closed immediately by the Receiver and condominium employees, which should also be provided for in the lease agreements. This measure will protect lawful traders. Until this procedure is adjusted, the orientation is that the stores, which are not in order, remain closed so as not to harm the other tenants and selling legalized products.

Shopping malls continue to be monitored by the bodies of the Security Office, at the same time that administrators and controllers are taking steps to agree on the adjustments. Secretary Ortega warned of the risks of closing the establishments, although it is not the administration's wish, should they sell counterfeit or contraband products again.

The Municipal Secretary of the Individual Microentrepreneur, Natanael Miranda dos Anjos, present at the meeting, spoke of the importance of combating illegal traders to protect workers who are legal. “Illegals sell products with less value, which characterizes unfair competition with others. This also shakes the image of shopping malls. Our intention is that all establishments in São Paulo are of a high level and sell quality products, so that the city becomes a showcase for the country ”.