More than half of Brazilians say they bought pirated products in 2011


G1 - 19 / -9 / 2011

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For the first time since 2006, the number of people who admitted to buying a pirated product in the year surpassed those who denied having committed the crime in a survey by Fecomércio-RJ, in partnership with the research institute Ipsos, points out the study referring to 2011 , released on Monday (19).

While last year 48% of respondents said they bought counterfeit items, in 2011 the percentage rose to 52%. In absolute numbers, 74,3 million Brazilians reportedly committed the crime this year, 6 million more than in 2010.

The survey also shows a significant adherence of classes A and B to the practice, increasing from 47% of respondents in 2010 to 57% this year. The advance comes despite the fact that 82% of them believe that piracy fuels tax evasion and 75% think that it harms the revenue of trade.

The main justification for the purchase of the pirated product, 94% of respondents, is the price, followed by the ease of finding the item. A large proportion of them, 40%, do not believe that the use of these products can have any negative consequences for themselves.

The most purchased pirate products, according to the survey, are CDs and DVDs, followed by toys and fashion items, which have shown significant growth this year.

The survey was carried out with 70 people in 9 cities across the country, including XNUMX metropolitan regions.