More than 1.600 Feira da Madrugada stores are already authorized to reopen


Municipal Secretariat of Urban Security - 29/08/2011

During the opening of the Feira da Madrugada on Monday (29/08) over 1600 stores have already received the “Adequacy Seal” and can operate normally. Another 1.100 stores have been sealed so far, for marketing illegal products. In 694 stores, there was a lack of registration and clandestine operation, these were also sealed and will not be able to function. A very large number of people were served in the last few days, including this weekend, but they did not have regular documentation, especially in relation to foreigners or were not the owners of the store register, reasons for which they were not allowed to continue with their activities. .

5,2 million illegal products have been seized so far, numbers that may increase with other seizures expected in the coming days. Among the seized products, clothes, watches, glasses, bags, toys and electronics predominate. Up to now, 3.900 people have been qualified, of these 1.716 foreigners, and of these, 58 were taken to the Federal Police, as they were in an irregular situation in the country.

10 people were arrested, arrested and listed for theft and corruption who report to the Corregedoria da Guarda Civil Metropolitana and the police. A foreign trader, of Vietnamese origin, remains in prison for having been caught in an act of corruption by an agent of the operation who pretended - guided by the Internal Affairs Department - to receive the bribe.

In the first phase of the operation, in the preliminary inspections, 80% of the stores / boxes - around 3.200 stores were found to have several types of irregularities, the main one being fiscal problems, such as lack of grade and CNPJ.

The operation was divided into two parts. In this first phase, stores with a holder, regular personal documentation, especially foreigners, were authorized to operate, with no sales and inventory of pirated / smuggled or doubtful products.

After the reopening, further apprehensions may be made as a result of the analysis of data and documents by organizations that participate in the operation. Inspection monitoring actions remain. The “Adequacy Seals” that have been granted may be canceled if irregularities are found in the registration or in the trade of illegal products.